• A 8 (The NYC lookalike)
  • A 8 (The NYC lookalike)
  • A 8 (The NYC lookalike)

A 8 (The NYC lookalike)


Giclee print.  
Archival ink on archival paper.

So, this one actually has a provenance. Back in the not so long ago, when the world had very much lost its way and Humans were still insisting on sending postcards to one another, not when the urge overtook them or inspiration beset them, but like automatons programmed for sentiment when the seasons changed, a friend asked me to design him a Christmas card. 

"You want a robot card?" I anticipated with glee.
"No," he retorted with a spectacularly polite sigh, "not a robot -something.... New Yorkish"

Figures. Why, if there's one spot on the Planet that is under-promoted, it's New York. Well, the French, for reasons that will always escape me, are fascinated with this city. The grand eloquence, the steeped history, the cascading streets of Montmartre, are insufficient and stale. 

So, I created this card for my French friend and now I subject you and the rest of the Planet to it. Its innocence and color has made it popular and it will undoubtedly spawn countless other cityscapes. We may even one day have a Parisian scene -I hear New Yorkers are crazy about that city.